Legislative Update, Week Five

The first month of the 65th session is officially over. The days are getting longer, but our Republican majority is happy to do the work the people elected them to do and stick to our principle.

The house passed HB 1369 involving voter IDs. The bill clarifies the requirements for valid electors in the state of ND.

HB 1378 received a 14-0 DO PASS from the Industry Business and Labor committee.  The bill requires every wind

Representative Pollert, District 29, carrying a bill.

generator exceeding ½ megawatt of electricity to be equipped with a functioning aircraft detection lighting system by December 31, 2019. This will help with families living near wind farms in ND with the negative effects associated with the bright lights currently installed on the generators.

After careful consideration by a subcommittee, the finance and taxation committee recommends a DO PASS on HB 1045. HB 1045 is in regards to the Angel Fund investment tax credit and the Seed Capital investment tax credit. The bill would provide restrictions on the credit and would impose a refund of the credit on any uninvested capital after April 30 of this year.

Today on the floor, we defeated HB 1130, which was a provider tax on nursing homes. We as Republicans are committed to caring for our elderly and do not believe they should be responsible for carrying the burden of our economic situation. We are committed to finding funding in the general fund.

A bill that received lots of testimony on both sides, was HB 1427. This bill allows transparency on immigration and their transition into our communities. Allowing local communities and the state to be part of the conversation, allows us to assure that we will be able to support these refugees on arrival to North Dakota.

Senator Bowman, District 39, testifying to the Energy & Natural Resources Committee

The Senate had a full docket of committee hearings and floor action this week, with interesting and substantive action scheduled for next week.

The Government and Veterans’ Affairs Committee heard testimony on SB 2343, a bill to increase the transparency of campaign finances in our state. This proposal comes with the support of both Majority Leaders and builds on North Dakota’s long-standing belief in open and transparent government.

The Energy and Natural Resources committee reached a decision on SB 2134, a bill that relates to the minerals underneath Lake Sakakawea. After weeks of careful research, the committee determined that this bill would restore minerals to their proper owners and gave it a Do Pass recommendation.