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    List of 2016 Republican National Convention Delegates and Alternates


    Becoming a 2016 National Delegate

    The Committee on Permanent Organization acts as the nominating committee for a slate of delegates and alternates to attend the National Republican Convention.  The Committee is co-chaired by Curly Haugland (National Committeeman) and Sandy Boehler (National Committeewoman).  The committee consists of the State Chairman and two members from each region who are selected by that Region’s Chairman. A complete list of committee members can be found on the Committees page.

    NDGOP Rules require that the Committee post an application form on the NDGOP website and include the weighted criteria used to select the slate of delegates which shall include being elected as a delegate to prior years’ State Endorsing Convention, volunteerism on behalf of the Party, service as a state party official, running for office, contributions to the District or State Party, and other criteria provided by the Committee, and may reserve a number of positions for new members. Any sitting republican Governor, U.S. Senator, or U.S. Representative shall be presented on the slate without application.  Applications to become a candidate for national delegate must be signed by the applicant’s district chair and submitted with the state delegate registration materials.  Applications must be received by the deadline to register for the state convention. (See NDGOP State Endorsing Convention Rules, Rule 8, Section 4).  

    In addition to the slate of candidates, nominations may be made from the floor of the State Convention and shall be added to the bottom of the ballot in the order nominated.  Only those persons who applied to the committee and not chosen to the slate of delegates will be eligible to be nominated from the floor.  Any nominee must finish in the top number needed for delegates to be elected.  (see NDGOP State Endorsing Convention Rules, Rule 11, Section 2).  

    The Committee on Permanent Organization will begin reviewing candidates as soon as applications are received.  In the event that nominations are made from the floor at the State Convention, the election of National Delegates will be tabled long enough so that proper printed ballots may be presented to each delegate for a vote.  Each elected National Delegate is expected to attend the entire National Convention in Cleveland, OH from July 18-21.   Each delegate/ alternate will be asked to make a $100 contribution to the delegate expense fund. This money will be used for a group breakfast and hospitality suite at the hotel during the convention. Each delegate/alternate is responsible for the cost of his/her own travel and lodging.  Any delegate/alternate who is planning on using the hotel services reserved for the NDGOP by the RNC is required to stay a minimum of five nights.  All costs associated with being a delegate/alternate are the responsibility of the delegate/alternate.

    National Delegate Criteria

    The Committee on Permanent Organization will be asked to follow these guidelines:

    The selection must be fair and open. The process is designed to reward faithful Republican activists, to broaden the party base and to represent the North Dakota Republican Party at the National Convention. The Committee will be asked to give consideration to gender, (based on RNC rules), geographical balance and granting only one slot per household.

    The Committee will be asked to follow this criteria formula to help in the selection process:

    40% History of work for the Republican Party

    25% History of monetary contributions to the ND Republican Party

    10% History of federal or statewide candidacy

    10% History of legislative candidacy

    10% Never attended a national convention

    5% Other meaningful criteria


    Applications must be returned to NDGOP Headquarters, P.O. Box 1917 Bismarck, ND 58502 no later than March 28, 2016. Applications may be accessed by clicking here, contacting your district chair or NDGOP Headquarters at (701)255-0030.