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    2016 Convention Committee

    Paul and Tammy Owens, Committee Co-Chairs

    Brandy Pyle, Treasurer
    Susan Langerud and Char Vastag, Registration
    Nancy Johnson, Booths
    Torey Koppelman, Pages
    Stan and Cheryl Stein, Vonda Markestad Silent Auction
    Sandy Boehler, Karen Grindberg, Caren Mikesh and Julie Willert, Saturday Night Party
    Sandy Boehler and Vicki Fredrickson, Governor’s Club Supper
    Robbie Lauf, Floor Setup
    John Trandem, Signs
    Mike Owens, Parking and Transportation
    Aaron Weber, Convention Book
    Billie Stout, Hospitality
    Lucas Paper, Advertising
    Connie Nelson, Media
    Karen Grindberg, Audio Visual
    Lydia Trandem, First Lady’s Breakfast
    David Duff, Command Center

    Committee on Permanent Organization

    National Committeewoman Sandy Boehler- Co-Chair
    National Committeeman Curly Haugland- Co-Chair

    Kelly Armstrong, NDGOP Chairman
    Ken Callahan, District 1
    Chuck Walen, District 4
    Paul Henderson, District 10
    Peter Leedahl, District 26
    Connie Cleveland, District 27
    Sheri Haugen-Hoffert, District 30
    Rep. Mike Lefor, District 37
    Terry Bjerke, District 42

    Committee on Credentials

    John Trandem, Chair

    Rep. Pat Hatlestad, District 1
    Danita Bye, District 4
    Donna Henderson, District 10
    Rep. Ben Koppelman, District 16
    Paul Mutch, District 19
    Conner Swanson, District 21
    Neva Carlisle, District 30
    Anthony Larson, District 39

    Rules Committee 

    Vonda Markestad, District 15, Chair

    David Aas, District 5
    Janne Myrdal, District 10
    Mark Western, District 11
    Bob Christman, District 47


    Sen. Dick Dever, Co-Chair
    Rep. Craig Headland, Co-Chair

    Rep. Gary Sukut, District 1
    Rep. Roscoe Streyle, District 3
    John V. Klein, District 4
    Jereimiah Glosenger, District 5
    Ken Sletten, District 6
    Claus Lembke, District 7
    Loren DeWitz, District 8
    Isaac Stegman, District 10
    Bridget Ertelt, District 11
    Dan Vainonen, District 12
    John Vastag, District 13
    Glen Baltrusch, District 14
    Pam Price, District 15
    Janet Wendel, District 16
    Mardene Slaathaug, District 17
    Ross Lein, District 18
    Karen Anderson, District 19
    Conner Swanson, District 21
    Judy Estenson, District 23
    Daniel Johnston, District 24
    Matt Evans, District 25
    Jason Heitkamp, District 26
    Art Rosenberg, District 27
    Greg Larson, District 30
    William Schuh, District 31
    Steve Bakken, District 32
    Loyal Karges, District 33
    Joel Melarvie, District 34
    Karen Karls, District 35
    Frank Klein, District 36
    Kelly Keithley Gillen, District 37
    Caleb Hoverson, District 38
    Jake Rodenbiker, District 39
    Rep. Bob Frantsvog, District 40
    Brian Walters, District 41
    Terry Bjerke, District 42
    Gib H. Bromenschenkel, District 44
    Barry Argabright, District 45
    Rep. Jim Kasper, District 46
    Parrell Grossman, District 47