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  • Becoming a Delegate

    Identify Your District, District Chair and Pay Your 2016 NDGOP Membership Dues:

    If you do not know what district you live in, visit the Secretary of State’s website to determine your district. District chair information can be found here, contact your chair if you have any questions about the district convention.

    Per NDGOP Rules, you must be a paid 2016 NDGOP Member by the time of your District Convention. An annual membership for those 25 and older is $36.50, and $10 for those that are under the age of 25. You may pay your dues online here, send a contribution to NDGOP Headquarters or bring your membership dues to the district convention.

    Attend Your District Convention:

    In order to be an eligible delegate or alternate to the State Republican Endorsing Convention you must be an American citizen, must be 18 by April 2, 2016, must have been a resident of the District for 30 days immediately preceding the District Convention, and must be a dues paying member of the NDGOP at the time the District Convention is held. No person may seek election to be a delegate/alternate in more than one district. Delegates and alternates must have voted or affiliated with the Republican Party in the last general election or intend to vote or affiliate with the Republican Party in the next general election (see NDGOP State Endorsing Convention Rules, Rule 3, Sec. 2). All 47 District Conventions will be held between January 1 and March 1, a list of district convention dates can be found on the Calendar, the calendar is updated daily as remaining district conventions are scheduled.

    If you are unable to attend your district convention, you must personally contact the District Chairman and provide evidence that you are eligible and wish to be a state delegate.


    Once you are elected a State Convention Delegate you may register online by visiting the Registration page or you may print and mail your application to 2016 NDGOP Convention, PO Box 7008, Fargo, ND 58103. If you are submitting a paper application, you will need to have your District Chair sign the application, online registrations will be cross referenced with your District Chair.  Printable applications can be found here.


    This information is based upon NDGOP State Party Rules, each District may have its own rules set out in the District Bylaws which may have an impact on delegate nomination and selection. It is important that any person wishing to be a delegate to the NDGOP State Convention contact their local District Chair for information regarding that District Endorsing Convention and requirements to being selected as a delegate or voting member of the District. The District Chair contact information may be found here.